Folding Tables
Rectangular Table

 Super Strength Folding Tables

  • Specially built for added strength and reduced weight
  • Set-up easily
  • Fold compactly
  • Fool-proof locking device
  • Offset leg for extra seating capacity
  • Attractive walnut laminate tops and heavy-duty steel frame

 Lightweight Laminate Top
 Model #  Size
 TAF202WA  72"L 30"D 29"H
 TAF803WA  96"L 30"D 29"H
 SEM172WA  72"L 18"D 29"H
 TAF105WA  72"L 24"D 29"H
 Lightweight Plywood Top
 TFW102W0  72"L 30"D 29"H



 Lightweight Poly Folding Table
 Model #  Size
 TPF102WH  30" x 72"
 TPF101WH  30" x 60"

    • White Top
    • Black Frame
    • Weather Resistant


Rectangular Table    

Round Tables


Round Table
 Lightweight Plywood Top
 Model #  Size
 TAF401WO  60"Dia. 29"H
 TAF402WO  72"Dia. 29"H
 Heavy-duty Particleboard Laminate Top
 TAF402WA  72"Dia. 29"H